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All-Illpolo Team

Lisa Rudolph played a key role in helping Waubonsie Valley to one of their finest seasons ever. The junior was named to the All-Illpolo team throughout the season and was also named to the All-Sectional team in 2005. We asked Lisa the following questions in an exclusive Illpolo.com interview:

College choices, major, current GPA?

Looking at...Northwestern, University of Wisconsin Madison, Brown Universty, and Universty of Texas. Major in either marine biology, event planning, or advertising... not exactly related but it works. Current GPA is 4.0.


Experience, Club Team, Zone Teams, Off-season work?


Started around the age of 11. Began with park district coaching under Mark Menis and Luke Payette. Also played for Mavericks 12-Under team with Kelly McKay and Mark Menis again. During middle school, I flip- flopped between NIPC with Jeff Wimer and West Suburban with Luke, Kelly, Mark and Miles Reif. I used to play like 8 games a tournament cause i would play for both teams and for both 14U and 16U. Started going to JO's with West Suburban when i was 13; I have been to four now. The last three were with NIPC. I've played on a zone team for four years as well. We have been to Florida every year, and when I was 14, I went to the Colorado Training Camp. It was the most fun and hardest thing I have ever done.

When did you start? How? Where?


I started because Luke was my swim team coach and asked me to play. I hated it at first but once i learned how to throw it just kept getting better.


Awards and achievements?


2nd team for Keifer Cup when i was 13. 1st team for the same tournament when i was 14. MVP for park district championships!! heck yes!!!! Haha and Super Baller this year, baller last year, All-Illpolo team last year and this year, All-Sophomore Team last year. All-Sectional honorable mention this year.


Personal interests? Music? TV shows?


I mostly say water polo when I'm asked what i like, so i guess...i like... yea i still like water polo. but in addition, i also am interested in fish and I like to paint and watch lava lamps. Music...I LOVE BEN FOLDS FIVE. I also like Wheat, Anna Nalick, Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. TV shows...Real World vs. Road Rules, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and Extreme Home Makeover!

Goals for the future with polo? School? Life?


I would love to play in college. I don't know about coaching, but I'd give it a shot if I ever had the chance. School, i just want to have fun and meet people. Life... i want to go to Australia and travel all over.

First Season role?


I played driver mostly, but the first couple weeks i was a hardcore hole defender. I had 45 goals then out of like a bajillion shots. I was queen at hitting the post, my specialty that year.

Soph Year role?


Sophomore...again i was a driver. 56 goals, a lot less post, a lot more assists. Junior year i actually played hole set which is kinda funny because I'm way too tiny to do it, but I would go in anyway. Scored over 60+ goals as a junior.








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